Welcome to the old Grayshott village website covering the years 2000 to 2017

This website covering the years 2010 to 2017, and the original website covering the years 2000 to 2010, have been archived and will remain accessible online for those interested in gazing at the rich tapestry of Grayshott life since the millennium.  If you have any queries please email admin@oldgrayshott.com

If you are interested in Grayshott before the millennium – Grayshott Heritage aims to research, preserve and promote Grayshott’s history, for interest, reflection, discussion and study. Their website gives a taste of the village’s past, and their activities.

New Grayshott village website

Please visit the new Grayshott village website at www.grayshott.com for the latest news and upcoming events linked to an up to date directory of local businesses and organisations.  There is also some general information about Grayshott, and a special section for Grayshott Parish Council.

Grayshott on Facebook

Some facilities like the forum and classifieds have not made the move to the new village website so please join our Grayshott community group on Facebook which has over 1,300 members. You can also visit our Facebook Page

Nextdoor Grayshott

Please also register on our Nextdoor neighbourhood network.  Nextdoor is a new neighbourhood networking website which enables neighbours to message each other and post just about everything and anything for other neighbours to see.  Grayshott is currently the largest community, with 445 registered neighbours, at the centre of 11 neighbourhood areas, including Headley, Hindhead, Haslemere, and you can join your neighbourhood and become part of the entire network which currently has 1,845 members and is growing fast.

Once registered you can post general messages, items for sale, something (like a pet) you’ve lost, something (like another pet) you’ve found, ask for or make recommendations on local services, start a discussion, create a group and even post up local events.  In fact it does just about everything that oldgrayshott.com did.  And just like oldgrayshott.com the real power is in the email notifications which you can turn up or down, and on or off – from being notified of every single post to a simple daily digest of the days posts and upcoming events – and even better you don’t get it three times.  So good in fact you’ll wonder where they got the ideas?  It’s free and easy to use so please Join Nextdoor now and if you already have invite your neighbours.

Grayshott Noughties

The first village website was created in 2000 and evolved over ten years to be replaced with this wordpress based website.  It has literally thousands of news, events, businesses and organisations, covering the whole village over ten years and an extensive photo gallery of the village and the many events held in the noughties.  There are also special sub-websites for PIG, BIG, Grayshott Concerts, Grayshott Square Group, Grayshott Parish Council

Grayshott WordPress

Moving with the times this website was created towards the end of 2010 and introduced member subscription and posting for the first time.  With over 1500 members by 2017 when it was replaced it was getting over a thousand visits a day.  Here is a rough guide to what info is available here and where to go for older and newer content.

Visit Grayshott

We coined the phrase ‘A wonderful place to visit, shop and enjoy’! Find out about our many village awards, the glorious surrounding countryside, our local pub and renowned pottery. and all the shops and restaurants when you visit Grayshott; on this website on the old website and the new village website

Grayshott News

For 2010 to 2017 news check out the list on the right.  Prior to that we have news going back to the millennium on the original website.  For the latest news go to the new website.

Grayshott Events

For 2010 to 2017 events check out the list on this website.  Prior to that we have events going back to the millennium on the original website.  For the latest events go to the new website.

Grayshott Directory

For the directory of local businesses and organisations up to 2017 check out the a to z and classified lists on this website where there is also a list of groups.  For the directory up to 2010 check out the original website.  For the latest directory of businesses and organisations go to the new website.

Grayshott Forum

For 2010 to 2017 forum discussions check out the Grayshott Forum or All Forums Topics on this website.  There was no forum facilities prior to that and none on the new website so we now recommend our groups on Facebook or Nextdoor for ongoing discussions.

Grayshott Photos

Photos of main village events have been posted on our Flickr channel and there is also a gallery on the original village website.  Start on this page if you want to dig out some oldies.

Grayshott Classifieds

For 2010 to 2017 classifieds check out this website. but it is unlikely to be very interesting.  We now recommend our groups on Facebook or Nextdoor for  posting ongoing classifieds.

Grayshott Notices

For 2010 to 2017 notices check out this website. but it is unlikely to be very interesting.  Notices are now posted as news items on the new website


The list of members is still available here along with all their postings as an archive.  Members can no longer login for security reasons.  If you want to change or delete anything please email admin@oldgrayshott.com  There is no general members login on the new website except for posting news and events and maintaining directory pages.

Email Notifications

We will be using the secure mailchimp email service to send occasional emails out about this website or Grayshott in general.  You can still subscribe to our list using the form on the right.  Members have been added to the list on the assumption that they are likely to be already interested.  There is an unsubscribe link in all emails for anyone who doesn’t want to receive future emails.

Search facilities

Sometimes it is quicker to search for what you are looking for and the search box on the top right is the best way for this website.  You can also google search it.  The original website has the same customised google search.  The new website has search facilities on each page.

Need help?

Please email admin@oldgrayshott.com

Au revoir!

It has been an interesting 17 years in Grayshott since the millennium and I hope you still enjoy trawling the archives of the old websites, which captured much of the fun and games along the way.

Peter Hatch
oldgrayshott.com webmaster 2000-2017
Last updated 20th March 2018

PS A few highlights over the years to get you started…