BIG Reception for Calor Village of the Year Judges at the Club

On Tuesday 18th October three Regional Judges were given a whirlwind tour of the village ending up at Grayshott Social Club to meet the forty or so representatives from some of the many organisations that help to make Grayshott such a wonderful village.

Many people came along to Grayshott Social Club to meet the Judges

As Dick Smith was unfortunately on holiday it was left to Phil Bates and Peter Hatch to make the judges feel welcome and make the most of the two hours allowed to show them what makes Grayshott tick. The itinery was timed down to the minute and started off with a walk through the village stopping off to talk to Sub Fire Officer Peter Norman at Lightlines and Liz Pennick who’s dedication to the Youth Group has brought the Skate Park to fruition. Other points of interest visited along the way included the Millennium Sculpture, Village of the Year Plaques, and the Village Halls where an Art Class was taking place.

Next stop was PK Pre-School at the Jubilee Hut and a chat to play leader Kay Houlin then over the school field to visit Grayshott Primary School. Headteacher Jon Hills was busy on Paternity duties (congratulations on the recent birth of Matilda) so Deputy Head Ms Wright explained about the exciting Community Learning Room being provided as part of a long overdue development to replace the terapins.

Grayshott Pottery was next in line with a quick look in the factory and a demonstration of the cardboard recycing plant but definitely no time to stop and shop. A quick visit to the sports field to show the site of the new skatepark was last before finally visiting the Club in Hill Road.

At the Club the atmosphere was buzzing and the Judges worked hard to get around and see everybody in the fourty minutes left and were allowed to stop for just a few minutes to enjoy a well earned cup of tea.

Finally the judges were thanked for paying a visit to Grayshott and Peter Hatch in his capacity as Secretary of the Club presented them each with a limited edition – just 100 made – Grayshott Social Club centenary mug made at the pottery as a small memento of their visit.

As the judges returned to their cars for the next leg of their jouney to the Isle of Wight they complimented the village for arranging such a well organised visit and went on their way.

All in all it was a splendid effort by all concerned including the Judges who never tired and Grayshott now crosses its fingers and holds its breath until the awards ceremony in London on December 6th.

Whatever the result it was another great day for Grayshott and thanks go to Grayshott Social Club and Steward Nick Butt for making everyone feel so welcome.

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