Grayshott Runners up in Hampshire Village of the Year 2010

Phil Bates, Clive Slaughter, Kim Bibby & Dick Smith with the Grayshott village sign and runners up certificate from the Hampshire Village of the Year competition sponsored by Fullers

Grayshott has once again been chosen as runners up in the Hampshire Village of The Year competition and received an award on Sat the 23 of Oct 2010.

Phil Bates said “We are of course delighted and over the moon to once again win an award and it was an honour receiving it on behalf of the Village.”

The £250 prize has been given to the Parish Council to spend on something that will benefit the village as a whole.

Our entry to the competition is given below

COMMUNITY LIFE – Doing things together in our place.

We have a strong interaction throughout the village as a whole between residents and the business community This linkage between the young and elderly, coupled with efficient communication conduits that are in place in the village, such as, Parish Scene newsletter etc, which greatly assist in creating the vibrant atmosphere that encourages residents to get involved and be part of the vast array of activities the village has to offer. This is fully supported by the facilities provided in the village many of which have been made possible by residents actively fundraising to get them in place. To name a few events that happen on a regular or yearly basis we have, Classical Concerts, Live Plays & Musicals, Village Jamboree, Carnival Procession, Pantomime, Bands regularly playing in the Fox & Pelican Pub and Social Club, Firework Display, Flower Shows, Children Activities in holidays, Quiz and Bingo evenings, Christmas Market, Carol Service in the Village Square, Fun Cricket and football events, Sunday lunches in the Village Square. A village Boundary Walk organised by the Scout Group, plus more. We have well over fifty different groups, clubs and organisation that meet regularly and many of these work together and enjoy with business involvement in organising village events etc, basically “doing things together in our place”.

HELP, CARE AND SUPPORT IN OUR COMMUNITY – Looking out for each other, young people,older people and those who are vulnerable.

Grayshott Village is supportive in many ways in the main through hard working volunteers. We have Grayshott Care who not only provide meals and entertainment but transport as well picking up elderly residents in the Village and from neighboring villages. There is Grayshott Support Network which brings together volunteers and professional trades people who form a network for the elderly and vulnerable, for example supplying transport, shopping needs or it may be clearing snow or doing that odd repair etc. Residents are being supportive in keeping an eye out for their immediate neighbors. We have as well a Carers Support Group, Arthritis Care, Grayshott Day Centre and the Three Parishes Fund which is there to relieve anyone who is in a state of hardship or distress. The two Churches support as well on an ongoing basis. Rezurgence is a village group that relates and communicates with youngsters through mountain biking. The village has supported the recent building of houses to rent, once built there will be twenty in total which supports existing Drum houses and the 35 owned by Grayshott Housing Association.

SUSTAINING COMMUNITY LIFE – What we are doing to support the future of the village.

At present a Parish Community Plan is being put in place which will involved all residents, Village Groups, the Parish Council and businesses. This will support the Village Design Statement completed in 2002. We have a Grayshott Society who works closely with the Parish Council over such things as an holistic approach to traffic and pedestrian issues, safe guarding our conservation area, a right balance of new build houses, looking at sport and recreation and the building of a new sports pavilion. The Buy In Grayshott business group (BIG) supports retailers and other mixed businesses by such initiatives as producing a village directory and a village map for guidance to visitors coming to the village who in turn support businesses and the future of our local economy. A BIG Meeting is held every six weeks which include people from village organisations and the Parish Council. Often ideas and actions from these meetings will be about supporting the future of the village. Our village Primary School has a community ICT learning room which supports giving the necessary future skills needed both for residents and business people. Our Village Square has recently been refurbished which has improved the look and ambience to attract more shoppers and community usage

ENVIRONMENT, BIODIVERSITY AND HEALTH & WELL-BEING – Tell us about your activities in improving your environment, in supporting local biodiversity and in supporting local people to be healthy. This year the Parish Council have provided additional allotments in the village. The Greening Grayshott Campaign is in full swing which encourages residents in reducing waste and recycling and ways of saving energy in the home and business. Many shops are encouraging customers not to use plastic bags by giving them an alternative material free one or at a reduced cost. Another retailer has agreed to collect spent batteries and printer cartridges. A business collects cardboard boxes which they then shred up to be used as packaging material. Another business allows bottle banks to be stored on their land. The village has agreed to hand over a parcel of land to be used as sustainable burial ground. A Tree Management Scheme has been embarked on and the Parish Council are looking to buy a plot of land to preserve it as a ” green space”. We have done the necessary work regarding extending the conservation area. Consultants have been engaged to look at sport and leisure in the village. We have regular litter picks. The village sports clubs have very large youth and senior sections. There is a Ludshott Commons Committee.

COMMUNITY LINKS WITH OUR LOCAL PUB – Narrative that shows a strong community link.

The Fox & Pelican is very much involved in village life. They take part in our Jamboree, have quiz evenings, live bands perform. They hold functions and raise money for village group and national charities. BIG meetings are held there at no cost and they supply free coffee for litter pickers. Friday evenings is “early beers” where village residents and businesses meet up to network and pick up on the latest gossip!

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