Delay to Start of Crossways Road Traffic Calming

I am very sorry to have to tell you that the proposed works to install a traffic calming system in Crossways Road which were scheduled for Monday 15th July, have been delayed.

The reason is not fully clear to me. I am told that it has something to do with the readiness of the subcontractor assigned to the project. There is a three tier system of contracting, which I also do not understand and it seems to go wrong most of the time in my division. HCC contract with Amey but Amey then subcontract to a company of their choice. I am a critic of this system.

I will do my best to keep you advised of the new start date. I have been told it will be the 29th, but I’m afraid I’ve lost confidence in these forecasts.

There has been interest in how the works will proceed.

The road will be kept open for almost all of its length all of the time. However, at the point in the road where specific works are being carried out, it will be closed. So if a speed ramp is being built then the road at that point will be closed to allow the work to be carried out. The rest of the road will be open.

The road should be open overnight for its entire length except where work has to “set” and the work straddles the full road width. It is visualised that this will only occur when the full road width ramps are being built.

The works are planned to take place from 7am to 7pm.

Cllr. Ferris Cowper

Hampshire County Councillor for Grayshott, Headley and Bramshott and Liphook.