Grayshott What’s On! Grayshott Scoops Awards!

Grayshott scooped no less than five awards at last night’s inaugural East Hampshire Business Awards held at Old Thorns.

The 2013 awards in twelve categories were introduced by East Hampshire MP Damian Hinds following a champagne reception and sumptuous dinner laid on for over two hundred guests all with indigestion eager to find out if they had won.

Back L to R Peter Hatch, Leigh Kinch, Damian Hinds, Phil Bates, Ferris Cowper Front L to R Rebecca Benson, Chloe Kinch, Louise Hamer, Jane Gosnell, Glenn Myers, Chris Greenaway

The first award of the night for Start-up Business, sponsored by EHDC, was presented by councillor Ferris Cowper to Louise Hamer and Jane Gosnell of Make UK who were with Rebecca Benson of Applegarth Farm where their unique hand-made creations business is based.

No sooner had they sat back down at the Grayshott table of ten when Chloe and Leigh Kinch of Pear Tree Photography Studios in Crossways Road were up on stage as one of the three finalist for the Small Business award and also delighted to be chosen as the winner.

Glenn Myers, Phil Bates and Chris Greenaway with their awards

There followed a nervous wait for the penultimate category, Outstanding Contribution to the Community, where both and Grayshott Pottery were finalists.  It came as no surprise, and therefore no disappointment, when the award was finally made to Chris Greenaway and Glenn Myers of Grayshott Pottery which has been a long-standing benefactor within the community and it was fitting that Phil Bates who was largely responsible for that over many years was also there to share in their magic moment.

The evening was rounded off with both Phil Bates and myself receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for our various antics in Grayshott and we all retired to celebrate at the bar where Dick Smith was only too happy to buy a large round of drinks for all the award winners.


Ferris Cowper, Peter Hatch, Damian Hinds Photo courtesy of Chris Pearsall Photography

Now it’s fair enough for Phil to pick up a life-time achievement award as he is getting on a bit but hatchy? still in his prime with hopefully a few more years to achieve something else?  Anyhow I’d like to thank Pam for nominating me, (perhaps she fears my days are numbered), and supporting my nomination of which got a worthy highly commended aka must do better.  It’s all very flattering nevertheless.

What a brilliant night and congratulations to all the Grayshott finalists and especially the lucky winners.

Next Awards 2014 Regeneration & Improvement of Community Facilities & Infrastructure

Previous Awards 2011 Business and Community Together

We can carry on celebrating tonight at the dinner at the Fox & Pelican where it will be interesting to see if guest speaker Damian Hinds has had time to write a new one.  I was sorry to hear that the latest F&P manager Rory Murphy has unexpectedly left the pub.  It seemed he had only just got there and I’d hardly had a chance to talk him into sponsoring anything.  Welcome to Natalia who is standing in short term whilst Fullers find yet another new manager.  Is there something wrong with us?

Curiously I had someone ring me up at the club this morning to find out what time the Folk Club starts tomorrow evening.  “I’ll check” I said “but you do know it is at the village hall?”.  Well what the heck, I’m sure Des often takes calls on the clubs behalf as we have developed a symbiotic relationship.  So yes it starts at 7.30pm on Saturday with local musician Ben Fawson warming up for Gav Dav.  Heard of The Albion Band? Well singer and guitar player Gavin Davenport from the same has formed his own band with fiddle, melodeon and double bass players they will be bringing you songs from their latest album The Bone Orchard.  You really should give the Folk Club a try.

Next Tuesday at 6pm, definitely at the club this time, is the next BiG Meeting which invites all local businesses and organisations to come together and discuss matters of local and mutual importance like car parking.  Apparently the last one, being the first one ever at the club rather than the pub, was very well attended, greatly enjoyed and it was noted that the drinks were cheaper.  On Tuesday we will be joined by two business advisors who will be there to give us business advice – that’s what they do.  I may bring along my block of Perspex for you to admire.

I’ll just run this one up the mast as a well-known Grayshott doctor will be performing on stage in HMS Pinafore at Haslemere Hall Tuesday 22nd – Saturday 26th October so get your repeat prescription in before then.

I must apologise for inadvertently starting an assault on your email inbox this week.  I must admit to being surprised at the level of response to my belatedly emailed out what’s on newsletter which invited feedback on whether this was well received or not.  Opinions ranged from ‘I love it and want to have your babies’ to ’email is the work of the devil, get behind me Satan’ but the majority that did respond were in favour of email.  The mistake I made was to also use the forum on the member user group to poke a wet finger in the air which triggers a notification email every time someone posts, which they did, 21 times.  So sorry about that but it’s not been wasted. I have taken all the feedback on board and have decided to sit on the fence or rather hedge my bets.  So for one week only you will receive this week’s newsletter both by email and as part of your daily digest if indeed you partake of this as I will post it in its entirety as an update in the grayshott notices group to see what you think.  The latter is probably an acceptable compromise as you will see, although not quite entirely like the news item it is supposed to look like, you can at least read it all and see the nice pics.  If this is generally popular perhaps I will set up a new Grayshott What’s On! group for the very purpose and then we can all live happily ever after.  Perhaps I could ask that any further feedback is done by replying to either email or digest and no one else need be bothered but me.  Thank you.

Just before I go I must give FirkinFest a mench.  It has hardly got a look in so far but I have given it a jolly good write up in a separate news item which advises Get Your FirkinFest V Tickets Early and that was a week ago so I suppose with one week left that should now read Get Your FirkinFest V Tickets Before It’s Too Late.  The FirkinGlasses are here (and have been tested), The FirkinBanner is here (but we have nowhere to put it), The FirkinFirkins are here (and safely tucked up in a secret location), even the FirkinVests are here (as modelled later in the pub), so what are you FirkinWaiting for people? Get your FirkinTickets whilst you FirkinCan.



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  1. Adrian Banwell

    Congratulations to all the award winners on Thursday night and I am looking forward to seeing Pete’s Perspex. Just to clarify the reference to “business advice” which of and in itself sounds like a bit of a yawn; the two individuals who have kindly agreed to join us will be talking about pretty useful stuff including how to access funding and grants to assist with growth, marketing etc, as well as training and workplace learning – again, in many cases, fully funded.

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