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Crossways Road Traffic Management

Dear neighbours,

In answer to your questions today, 2nd April;

No, I do not know what is going on with the road works in Crossways Road.

No, I have not authorised them or agreed to them.

No, I do not know why this work is being carried out before our post completion review.

Yes, I’m very embarrassed at having to make these statements.

Yes I’ll find out as soon as I can.

With my apologies,

Cllr. Ferris Cowper,



4 thoughts on “Ferris Cowper’s County Council Newsletter – Stop Press

  1. Dani T

    Another topic, but relevant nonetheless! Can something be done about Boundary rd? A bridleway to a public service (surgery) is not adequate, and has now caused a safety issue. The bumps being so bad, that they caused my brake line to rupture, causing me to almost collide with traffic onto the main road! With no brakes!! And of course, I suspect I will have to absorb all the cost.

  2. Ferris Cowper Post author

    Hi everyone, the mystery is solved. The County engineers are still committed to the formal post-completion review following the extensive works in Crossways Road. This is the review that I announced at the Annual Parish Assembly. The work opposite Sue Ryder was commenced by the contractor who hadn’t allowed for the review to take place. The County engineers have instructed that the work is suspended pending our review.

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