Grayshott Market Update

Grayshott Market LogoThe Square Events Group met on Saturday January 30th to make a decision on whether the group wanted to offer to continue organising The Grayshott Market during 2016.

• We recognise that the primary point of the markets is to help Grayshott traders, and further recognise that it has not succeeded in doing so for several important businesses in the village.

• The Square Events Group exists solely to make use of the Square, to serve the village for its ongoing benefit. It is entirely run by volunteers and not for anyone’s personal agenda.

• However, we believe unanimously that the Grayshott Market continues to have great potential to help traders, and that we must work together with them, not separately. Therefore –

1. We are inviting Buy In Grayshott (BIG), the Grayshott traders support group, to appoint a representative (or two) to join in with our planning and organisation of the Market.
2. We will be applying for permission to run a reduced number of 7 (instead of 9) markets in 2016.
3. We will be reducing the number of hot food outlets to allow the new Village Café to get off to as good a start as possible.

We believe that working closely with BIG and the shopkeepers it represents will bring new and creative ways of promoting shopping and businesses in Grayshott. Some good ideas have already been suggested to us, and we have some of our own.

• We are offering to provide Grayshott shopkeepers with up to 5 free stalls to sell and promote their produce – and we also will provide people to man the stalls if required.

• To help local shoppers get to the shops and park near the centre of the village, we are looking for more off street parking that can be used on Market day. We have also identified that some of the available parking in the village could be better signposted on market days. We will provide that signposting.

• The market will finish half an hour earlier (2.30pm) meaning that the square should be largely clear by 3pm to give clearer parking for the last part of Saturday trading.

• All money made through organising the market will continue to be ploughed back into the village to support local charities, such as the Youth Group.

One thought on “Grayshott Market Update

  1. Reverend Anna Lubelska

    I’d be thrilled if the market could be kept going, albeit on less Saturdays and with all the sensible improvements spelled out in Moray’s statement. My vision for the square has always been that of a community hub – a place where people come and meet up with dear friends and meet new people; where new partnerships are forged between businesses and organisations; where a creative, joyful energy is generated between us that then spreads out to all of Grayshott and beyond. I have experienced all of that each time I have been to the market. Life, fun, laughter, excitement, loving kindness and compassionate listening. Like Sudha says: ‘TOGETHER’ is so important, united we can overcome all obstacles and create heaven on earth!

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