Grayshott What’s On! Lovin’ Half Term!

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  1. Peter Hatch Post author

    Readers, who like me were unable to attend. may be interested to hear the outcome of the parish council meeting before the minutes are published.

    I am reliably informed that the market has had its application for a licence to run seven Saturday markets this year turned down after three objections were heard from shopkeepers who claimed a loss of business on market day and moreover threatened that if the market was allowed to go ahead by the parish council shops could close as a result. Like Tim, I don’t suppose any councillors liked being told that they might one day be held responsible for the loss of a village shop for simply allowing the Saturday village market to continue. The vote was a close run thing though. with 3 cast each way, one abstention, and the chairman’s casting vote against granting a license.

    This is of course all very disappointing for just about everyone concerned. The community led plan concluded that the square was ‘good for community activities’ and the pointers for action for the parish council and square events group was to ‘encourage more activities’ (Page CP7). If the market doesn’t fit this objective I don’t know what does but on this occasion the community value appears to have been outweighed by commercial interests.

    There is clearly a conflict of interest over the use of the square on Saturdays between the wider village community and a few valued shopkeepers. This is perhaps not surprising but that the few should win the day over the many is. I very much doubt we have heard the end of the market saga. A petition perhaps?

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