Grayshott What’s On! Snow White!

snowwhiteGrayshott continues the silly season with our traditional spring Panto creaking the boards, and hopefully our ribs, at the village hall next weekend.  This year we revisit Snow White and you can be assured of a really good laugh with yet another original script from Diana ‘Do’ Lovelock hitting all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order.  So get your tickets from Trusted PC Man or Warren Powell Richards and join the fun next Friday or Saturday.  Of course we have all been enjoying another Panto in Grayshott of late with our very own market slap stick routine, but more of that later.


Snow White & The Prince

It’s mums day tomorrow and an opportunity to treat her to a meal out at one of our local eateries.  She is spoilt for choice;  Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch at the Gurkha Durbar, Mothering Sunday Lunch at the Kiln Cafe at Grayshott Pottery, the Fox and Pelican, the BayleafApplegarth and now even our Village cafe & restaurant is open Sundays in the square.

It’s also International Women’s Day next Tuesday and a three course lunch and raffle at the Gurkha Durbar. Help put gender on the agenda and make a pledge for parity.  I wonder if they let in men?

Next Wednesday the Grayshott Gardeners learn all about bumblebees and swarm theory.  Apparently swarm decisions are far more likely to get it right than if you leave it to a leader or just a few individuals.  So will it be thumbs up for the referendum result or will we get stung?.

grayshotttodaymar2016-280x4001Hope you enjoyed the second edition of Grayshott Today and got one delivered to your home or business in Grayshott.  If you missed out please post the feedback forum so they can try and put it right.  Members have all been added to the new group for Grayshott Today so that any posts are included in your daily digest.  I see this magazine as being a crucial communicator in the village and deserving of this special treatment.  Hope you agree.  There are spare copies available in several Grayshott shops. The Copy Date for April Magazine is next Friday.

Next Saturday is the Liphook Food Market which combines with their monthly craft market at the Millennium centre.  Somehow they have got the crazy notion that this will attract shoppers to Liphook and this might be good for the local economy (S).  We in Grayshott know better (S).  Consequently the Parish Council decided at their meeting that our market shouldn’t continue as they took on board claims that it had resulted in some of our shops losing money.  It would be interesting to see the financial evidence submitted to the councillors at the meeting that confirmed this loss and which justified upsetting the status quo and much of the village.  A five year annual sales graph will do nicely.

Had it been left to the village swarm to decide the fate of the market perhaps we would not be in this pickle.  So let’s just tot up the damage so far….  Market crashed, BIG burnt, Parish Council crunched, and gunged.   Gunged by those who think that airing views on the village website forums is somehow damaging the village more than trashing the market or washing our dirty village laundry and hanging it out to dry within the pages of the Haslemere Herald.

Enough already! The time has come to mend fences in Grayshott before any more damage is done. This is definitely not the time to build a wall.  Instead of cutting off our noses how about we put our heads together and tackle some of the issues that might help.  Like introducing time limited parking in the village to assist passing trade.  David at the new cafe has already identified that lack of available nearby parking is stopping some of his more elderly customers coming in, as Dick will testify.

Lets restore BIG to its former glory when it used to represent Buy in Grayshott rather than just Sell in Grayshott.  Let back in the organisations that were excluded from BIG by the new committee – they have just as much right to take part as our businesses and it will restore the synergy that used to be so productive – you don’t have to be commercial or have a shop window to have customers.  If you care at all about the future of our village come along to the BiG Members Meeting Tuesday 15th March 2016 6pm in the Pub where the first item on the agenda is: What do Member’s Want from BiG? The Way Forward …  And afterwards retire with Mike Lovell’s Six-in-a-Bar at the club.

Let’s get those empty shop units working for us.  Every new shop brings mutual benefit to everyone else.  And so a BIG welcome to Julie and her partner from Liphook who have opened their up-cycled furniture shop in the Square this week called Home Finishings.  All the very best of luck and good fortune to you both. Also Happy 2nd Birthday Pins and Needles and congratulations on your new craft workrooms.

st g poster

If we can’t have a market let’s organise some events in the square instead.  Your friendly neighbourhood square coffee group has already made a start by organising a St George’s Day Tea Party in the Square on Saturday afternoon 23rd April.  We are now looking for volunteers to bake fresh scones and if you fancy taking on the technical challenge email  No soggy bottoms please.

It seems lately the most active part of is the For Sale group.  Our very own Graybay is thriving on the fact that it is free and local so please make use of it and the other classified groups to post up your stuff.  Looks, from the panto programme, like they have it taped.

I have changed the What’s On! email notification to the daily digest rather than weekly so that like today we don’t have to wait for Friday to come round.  This also means the What’s On group can be used to promote events on an ad hoc basis.  Before doing this please add your event to your group calendar though and be sure to beat the Grayshott Today copy deadline if you want to be included in their event diary too.

Enjoy the snow and snow white!


PS In case you hadn’t guessed (S) denotes the use of sarcasm.  As a recovering sarchotic (thank you for the diagnosis Marek) I seem to have come unstuck of late because some slipped out and was too subtle and unfortunately taken at face value.  So to avoid any future misunderstanding I will make it clear when I need to up the medication.

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