Grayshott Cricket Club’s Great Bake Off Raises £800 for Macmillan Haslemere & District – and not a soggy bottom in sight!

Last November, on a very wet and windy afternoon Grayshott CC Clubhouse was filled with the happy throng of Bakers, Batsmen and Bowlers for Grayshott’s very own Great British Bake Off. Grayshott CC players and their families went all out to create an impressive collection of delicious cakes and treats to raise funds for Macmillan Haslemere & District.  Three Macmillan committee members were invited to judge the delicious entries, themselves all great bakers.  Chairman Jose Stead, Treasurer Jan Bebbington and former Chairman, Judy Avens set about checking the firmness of the buns, the roundness of the baps, soggy bottoms (of which there were none!) and generally had a wonderful afternoon of testing and tasting. The afternoon raised a mouthwatering £800 which will bring the total raised last year by Macmillan (Haslemere & District) to £17,914.

Macmillan’s (Haslemere & District) treasurer Jan Bebbington said “My heart sank on the morning of the bake off at the horizontal rain, thinking nobody would want to go out in that.    However, by the afternoon the weather picked up and the Clubroom was filled with happy bakers and delicious cakes. When Club Captain Danny Brown asked Jose Stead,  Judy Avens and I to come along to judge, it seemed like a job made in heaven.   We could eat as much cake as we liked – without any guilt.   And so we did.   So Danny, if you are ever thinking of doing another Bake Off – I can clear my diary and come along and eat more cakes for you!”

PRESENTATION OF CHEQUE FOR £800 FROM GRAYSHOTT CC to MACMILLAN HASLEMERE & DISTRICT Photo from left to right, Paul Roberts Club Chairman, Laura Hurrell whose brainwave made the Bake Off happen,  Jan Bebbington Macmillan Treasurer and Danny Brown, Club Captain .


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