Boundary Road Residents’ Association Update

Great News! Thanks to Ferris Cowper and all his support and guidance our application for a £25,000 grant towards the repair of Boundary Road was agreed at East Hants DC Cabinet Meeting last Thursday. This is in addition to the £10,000 he has secured from the County Council Rural Projects’ Fund.

boundary roadAdditionally we have promises of:  £1,000 Grayshott Parish Council; £1,000 Haslemere Town Council; £15,000 Doctors’ Practice; £8,000 from Residents of Boundary Road giving us a total of £60,000.

This means we have sufficient money to replace the strip of carriageway from Headley Road to the Surgery up to a standard that will last for 10 – 15 years.  However, that would mean that in 10 – 15 years we would have to start patching the potholes and then face the same fund raising problem as now.  While we are doing it, let’s do it properly.

To completely strip out that section of bridleway from Headley Road to the Surgery and replace it with a new carriageway with a life span of around 40 years (long enough for most of us not to have to worry about any more!) will cost some £80,000 but at the same time we need to resolve the problem of the rain water, as well as motor vehicles, continuing to erode the surface of the remaining section of the bridleway.  This is a more complicated problem and we are awaiting design solutions, as a result of the topographical survey that has just been carried out.  However, it will certainly involve putting in sufficient soakaways and appropriate channels to stop the ‘flood waters’ of latter years, washing all the loose debris down the remainder of the bridleway and into Crossways Road.

Apart from Haslemere Town Council’s very generous offer, neither Jeremy Hunt, nor any department or authority in Surrey has been prepared to offer any financial assistance whatsoever.  This is despite the fact that both St Edmund’s School and the Doctors’ Surgery are both in Surrey and pay taxes to Surrey, and half of the 12,000 patients come from Surrey, and again pay taxes to Surrey.  We have now been rejected three times, which is why we will be asking all those who use the surgery plus any resident of Grayshott or indeed anyone at all, to help us come up with the additional money.

Michael Dover, one of the Haslemere Councilors, suggested that we use ‘Crowdfunding’ and we have enlisted the help of Jeremy Barnes and his wife Susan who have an enormous amount of experience in this field, as well as some very exciting ideas.  Connan McStay and his wife Lisa of Portraits by Pear Tree in Crossways Road, have offered their incredibly professional expertise (plus a lot of their time) to create the video.

Connan will be taking some aerial shots of the bridleway so do not be surprised if you see a drone flying up and down Boundary Road – it is nothing sinister.  He has also set aside the 16th and 17th June to carry out the filming.  He would be interested in about a dozen live comments on the bridleway so if you feel you would like your chance in front of the camera for five seconds please do email me ( and we can sort out some timings.  We already have the mobility scooter brigade, but mothers with pushchairs would be good and if there are any elderly patients who are prepared to try and reach the surgery using a zimmer frame they could almost be guaranteed a slot!

This is now becoming very exciting with the end in sight.  I will write again with details of the Crowdfunding website but in the meantime can you start looking down the back of the sofa, sell your Picasso’s, tell your friends, and cancel your holiday  –  WE NEED YOUR MONEY.   Let’s show everyone what Grayshott can do when we all work together.

Oh! And by the way; Cornerway Lodge are getting the hedge cut back to their boundary line on Saturday 11th June.  It is going to look absolutely ghastly initially but if we can build a road I am sure we can sort that out!

Julia Tarento

Chairman,  Boundary Road Residents’ Association

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  1. Laura Musco

    The Council agreed to open an additional bank account, outside the Lloyds Group, as it receives its precept as two substantial lump sums, in April and September, increasing the bank accounts to considerably more than £75,000. This decision was taken having previously discussed with our internal auditor, whether spreading the sum over more than one banking group should be considered by councillors. It should also be borne in mind that:
    1) the Council is responsible for administering the Jack Smith legacy, which is a separate bank account, but held in the name of Grayshott Parish Council and therefore comes into consideration when reaching £75,000 protection limit.
    2) the Council also has a number of earmarked reserves for specific expenditure/projects – lengthsman, the sports pavilion, village assets, tennis courts, The Square, elections. The first of these is Hampshire County Council funding for the lengthsman scheme for 10 parishes that Grayshott, as the lead council, administers on their behalf. The last was set up in March following a recommendation from our internal auditor, as ballot box elections (should Grayshott ever have more candidates than required councillors) can be expensive. The others were all set up to ensure there are sufficient funds to carry out major repairs or replacement to the relevant asset e.g. replacing the pavilion roof, replacing/repairing playground equipment, resurfacing/cleaning the public tennis court, maintenance in The Square. These inflate the sum that would appear to be readily available.
    3) councils should always have in reserve the equivalent of 6-9 months expenditure.

    Don’t forget that the Council’s accounts are open for public scrutiny, after all if you’re a Grayshott resident we’re spending your Council Tax. Next week I will be posting the statutory notice with details about viewing last year’s audited accounts.

    With regard to repairs to Boundary Road the Parish Council has already agreed to match fund Haslemere Town Council’s contribution to the repairs. It should also, perhaps, be noted that all three tiers of Hampshire local government (parish, district and county) have agreed to grant Boundary Road Residents’ Association some funding for this, whereas on the Surrey side of the boundary only Haslemere Town Council has agreed any funding. This is despite the best efforts of the BRRA in contacting the borough and county councils. I’m sure all readers of must, by now, know that Boundary Road is not an adopted road (it’s a bridleway) so it is the responsibility of the residents to make good the surface. I understand from the Residents’ Association that the aim is to have the work done in the autumn.

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