Grayshott Today June 2016

Grayshott Today JuneThe June edition of Grayshott Today was delivered to you on Saturday. Lots to read about including the name of the new ‘casual vacancy’, dates for your diaries including The Queens Birthday on 12 June, St George’s Day party, look out for the Silver-studded Blue butterfly on Ludshott Common, Danielle Taylor couture design, Ludshott photographic,  Tribal Rugs and lots more.  The editor welcomes all contributions and thank you to all those who send in copy.

We are sorry if you did not get a copy through your letter box.  It is inevitable that the odd home will be missed and sorry for that .  We are trying to improve the delivery.  The delivery company are not regular postmen.   Please put a note of your address in the Church Office letter box and pick up a copy from the Church or shops in Grayshott.  We will aim to do better next month.

For those Bridge lovers who read  the Bridge column on page A20, the printed hand discussed should be



Dlr: South
Vul: None
♠ 5 2
♥ A 7
♦ 9 6 5 4
♣ Q 9 8 7 6
♠ K 7
♥ K 6 4 2
♦ Q 8 7            3
♣ K 5 2
North E
♠ 6 4 3
♥ Q 10 5
♦ A J 10
♣ A 10 4 3
11 11
♠ A Q J 10 9 8
♥ J 9 8 3
♦ K 2
♣ J
N 1
S 1
E 2 2 2 1
W 2 2 2 1



This is Board 11 of the Sim Pairs event on 3 May. To see more go to    Click on Results in the left hand column and then Travellers for the different final contracts and more hands that were played that evening.  Sorry about the typo.


Robert Harland

4 thoughts on “Grayshott Today June 2016

  1. Keith Gillett

    Whilst I’m quite happy to continue picking up a copy I do find it a bit frustrating to report each month that delivery has not reached us again, in the expectation that it will be sorted out for the next month’s edition. I shall stop doing this now, but would be interested to understand whether delivery is a voluntary activity or a commercial undertaking. If it’s the latter I hope that the contractor is learning and improving from this experience and charging accordingly, as I see that we are not alone. If the former – “well done” anyway!

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