Grayshott Post Office provides mobile van service for local villages

To help serve eight rural communities in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, the Post Office has introduced a popular new Post Office mobile van service provided by Grayshott Postmaster Mrs Michelle Reidy and her husband, Noel Reidy and former Headley Down Postmaster Jim Whittle.

Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells visited Headley Down and Nyewood in Hampshire today to see how these communities are benefitting from the new service which commenced on 23 September.


Network Operations Manager Baldev Kahlon, Cllr Rita Stubbings from Headley Down Parish Council, Grayshott Postmaster Michelle Reidy, Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells, and Post Office mobile van operators Noel Reidy and Jim Whittle.

Also, on the mobile’s first visit to Fittleworth, the community, including the Headteacher of Fittleworth Village School, rushed to welcome the mobile Post Office van at the Village Hall car park next to the school. The school secretary also arrived with lots of mail for posting. The lives of the Frittleworth community have been made easier by Post Office services being restored to the village.

The communities of Fittleworth, Headley Down, Liss Forest, Nyewood, Rushmoor, Singleton, West Dean and Wormley have been transformed by the arrival of the mobile Post Office, which helps bring communities together at set times each week. A wide variety of Post Office services are available, including travel money.

Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells, said: “There has been a very positive reaction from residents, local councillors and the media to this new service. We know how important Post Offices are to communities. We are committed to maintaining the size of our network. Where we have temporary branch closures we look at a variety of ways to restore service, including a mobile Post Office service, which enables us to help a cluster of communities at once. It was great to visit today and hear first-hand how delighted people are with the service.”

This year, 14 new mobile Post Office vehicles are being introduced to serve an 80 extra rural communities including Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex for the first time. These vehicles have been added to the existing fleet of 42 mobile Post Offices operating across the UK serving more than 250 locations a week.

Grayshott Post Office has proved to be a real success story since Michelle & Noel Reidy took over the branch. They have been running the branch for eleven years and modernised the branch with help from the Government–backed Network Transformation scheme and £40,000 personal investment.

They have gone from serving on average 700 Post Office customer sessions a week to footfall rocketing to more than 1,100 sessions. They have just been awarded a quarterly Post Office Network Sales Award for their achievement and they have been rewarded with the branch becoming a full on-demand Post Office, offering a wide range of currencies.

Due to the fact that so many communities are benefitting from the Post Office mobile van, Grayshott Post Office also received funding from the Government-backed Community Fund to help provide a parking space for the new vehicle.

The Grayshott mobile Post Office van service visits the following locations:

  • Headley Down, car park, ‘One Stop’ shop, Birch Road, Headley Down, GU35 8AS. Tuesday: 9 – 11am; Wednesday: 2 – 3pm; Thursday: 2.15 – 3.15pm.
  • Fittleworth, Fittleworth Village Hall, School Lane, Fittleworth, RH20 1JB. Monday and Thursday: 9 – 11am.
  • West Dean, outside West Dean Stores, West Dean, PO18 0QY. Monday and Friday: 11.30am – 1pm.
  • Singleton, The Weald and Downland Museum, Singleton, PO18 0EU. Monday: 1.45 – 3.45pm.
  • Nyewood, layby opposite Green on Habin Hill, Nyewood, GU31 5JD. Tuesday: 12.30 – 1.30pm.
  • Liss Forest, layby on Temple Road, opposite ‘The Temple Inn’, Liss, GU33 7BP. Tuesday: 2.15 – 3.15pm; Friday: 9 – 11am.
  • Wormley, Chichester Hall, Petworth Road, Witley, GU8 5PL. Wednesday: 9 – 11am.
  • Rushmoor, layby opposite ‘New House’, Sandy Lane, Rushmoor, GU10 2ET. Wednesday: 11.15am – 1.15pm.

Noel Reidy driving the new Post Office mobile van


Noel Reidy serves a customer


Cllr Rita Stubbings from Headley Down Parish Council with Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells and Grayshott Postmaster Michelle Reidy


Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells cuts the ribbon with Michelle & Noel Reidy


Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells with Jim Whittle.

5 thoughts on “Grayshott Post Office provides mobile van service for local villages

  1. Gordon Baron

    Mobile post office
    Well waited first and last time, i will bother with that again,I was there at 14. 08 Thursday 3 /11 (today) as advertised for its opening and waited till 14.35, that’s longer waiting in the static post offices and in the cold, and it never even turned up! wont try that again, and i now have to drive to a post office and que up again! (in the warm though)
    Totally useless non service!

    1. Gordon Baron

      we have got times wrong from internet, due to a new stop at Fittleworth he’s there at 3 (15,00) in afternoons, pity they did not tell anyone! Still i was first in the queue of one so that’s a result! pity i had to wait 45 mins in cold, where do i claim compensation i wonder?

  2. Angie Hurdle

    Hi there.

    Although I think the mobile post van is a great idea, I am a little annoyed, as I have only just heard about it, although it has apparently been visiting Sandy Lane in Rushmoor for some months now. As I live in Rushmoor, I would have thought it a good idea to let all Rushmoor residents know about this! Otherwise, what is the point? I know a lot of people in Rushmoor, and have a lot of contacts, but from what I can gather those living in Sandy Lane know about the van, through word of mouth, but from speaking to those residents who don’t happen to live in Sandy Lane, they had no idea it existed, until I told them today. I just happened to hear about it from a friend of a friend who actually lives in Farnham! Has no one thought of letting Rushmoor residents know? I have been driving over to Frensham Post Office frequently, when I could have been saving up parcels etc., and just popping down the road with them on I believe a Wednesday, (not sure of times though).

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