As many of you will already know Beaven Contractors are currently putting the curbing in along both sides of the bridleway. However, this notice is to give you forward warning that they are hoping to rip up all the old tarmac etc sometime around the middle of next week. As soon as I know a definite date notices will be put up but just be aware that if you have to get to the doctor and are able to walk that may well be the best option. Alternatively, if the entrance from Headley Road is closed then you will have to access the surgery from Crossways Road. It is going to be extremely inconvenient for everyone but Beaven Contractors are trying to cause as little disruption as possible. There is no way of replacing the surface without causing a nuisance. It won’t last long and will be worth it in the long run. I think the best of all options is to try very hard to not have to see the doctor for the next few weeks!!  GOOD LUCK  Julia


  1. Julia Tarento Post author

    Hi Gillian

    There will be no difference at all this Saturday – the surface of the bridleway will be exactly the same as before (including the potholes!). However, you will be able to admire the curbing and imagine how great it is going to look once we get some plants filling the gaps etc.

    Even when the roadway has been ‘removed’ Beaven Contractors will put in ramps so it can still be used, except from perhaps one or two days when access will have to be from Crossways Road. They are aware of the flu clinics and will see that the surgery is accessible.

    We went to the clinic on the 1st October and one word of advice – you need running shoes on. They are incredibly efficient and we didn’t even get to get our bottoms on a chair in reception before we were called in. I guess the whole thing took about 3 minutes and 2 minutes of that was taking my coat off!

    Good luck. Julia

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