All Stars Cricket Centre for 5 to 8 year olds comes to Grayshott

Grayshott Cricket Club is delighted to announce that it will become amongst the first of the Cricket All Star Centres (ASC) in the country starting this summer. All Stars Cricket (ASC) is a national programme developed by the England Cricket Board (ECB) for 5-8 year olds that is delivered in a cricket club close to you, creating a perfect entry point into the great game of cricket. Better still you can register your child here now

sa_1490022300allstars1The children involved in ASC, will be making new friends, learning new skills and be motivated to develop a lifelong love of cricket. The programme is based on fundamental movement skills delivered through fun games by ECB trained Activators who will lead the sessions at the cricket club. Making memories is part of the ASC initiative and parents are actively encouraged to participate and help promote their children’s development and learning. To this end the ECB will send drills and skills to all parents via email communication so that the fun can continue at home too.

As part of the national identity, every child will receive a fantastic ASC branded backpack, bat, ball, hat, drinking bottle and a personalised ASC training tee shirt which will be delivered to your home ready to attend your local ASC Centre run by Grayshott Cricket Club.

Grayshott Cricket Club will be running two All Star Cricket Centres both starting on Saturday 20th May.

At the Sportsfield in Grayshott, eleven sessions which run for 1 hour cost £50.00 and will start at 9.30am

At Broxhead Common Cricket Ground, Lindford, eight sessions which run for 1 hour cost £40.00 and will start at 9am.

You can sign up on line at www.ecb, now.

For more information on All Stars Cricket at Grayshott contact Youth Manager Graham Sampson on 07826 523227 or via email at


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