Add Events

If you are organising an event you are welcome to add it to our list of All Events which is also summarised on the homepage

To do this please post your event in the relevant group calendar i.e. the group holding the event – you may need to have admin rights to the group to do this.

If your group does not yet exist first create your group

Before posting your event please check All Events to see that your event hasn’t already been posted by someone else.

One-off non-group events can only be posted on the grayshott notices calendar by emailing the details to the website administrator

Posting events

TITLE – It is not necesssary to include your group name in the title of your event as events are always listed along with the group name and the event viewed on the group page.  It may help to include the venue in the event title if this is not made obvious by the group name and is important.

DATE – When posting an event click the date box to bring up a calendar to select your date

TIME – Select the time the event starts – noon is 12:00PM and midnight is 12:00AM of the following day

DESCRIPTION – Add your description of the event using the rich text editor.  If it is ticketed leave details of where to get them.  You can upload a picture or attach a file using the add media button.

VENUE – Use the full address of your venue and tick the show map box to enable a google map to be displayed

Posting Repeat Events

If your event is repeated over a series of times or days you can quickly post these as a series of individual events.  To do this after you post your first event incidence click the browser back button which will allow you to change the date or time and post again.  You can do this repeatedly.

Menu options

Events in Grayshott – World class entertainment on your doorstep – a summary guide to main events in Grayshott

All Events – List all upcoming events on all public group calendars

My Events – Lists only events in groups you are a member of – logged in members only

Weekly Events – Regular weekly events in Grayshott – church – childrenclubssport .

To add or edit Weekly Events or if you have any problems, queries or suggestions please email