welcome to the buy in grayshott website
The aim of BIG - Buy in Grayshott is simply a campaign to encourage people to patronise Grayshott businesses and enjoy the warmth and friendly service so freely given. Started towards the end of the last century it has been hugely successful and now a vast array of goods, services, trades and organisations can be enjoyed in Grayshott. BIG has recently introduced a voucher scheme for new residents.

Any business or organisation operating in or from Grayshott or Headley Down has an automatic right of membership, which is free. Open meetings are held every two months.

BIG provide support, through its members, to a large number of events and organisations in the village. Among these is the regular litter pick in the shopping areas, the hanging basket display, the village jamboree, Christmas Market, Best Dressed Shop competition and Carols in the Square. It was also able to provide substantial financial help to the village web site, www.grayshott.com, in order to assist various changes, making it arguably one of the finest village web sites in the country.

Two of its most notable contributions and successes to the village was the installation of the village Christmas Light Scheme and the start up of the regular classical concerts in the village church. The concerts proved so popular that a separate group was formed, Grayshott Concerts, with its own constitution, to take over the running of them. BIG members continue to give it every support, particularly in the running of the open air Operas now undertaken by them.

Close links are maintained with many of the organisations in the village, particularly with the Parish Council and latterly with the newly formed Grayshott Society.

Dick Smith (Chairman)

Tel No 01428 608666
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Fax No 01428 608667
Email dick-smith@supalife.com