Buy In Grayshott

Buy in Grayshott (BIG) is an organization that local businesses actively subscribe to. It encourages people to buy goods and services in the village in the knowledge that they will get great service at a reasonable price. In return BIG businesses support many local activities and, in some instances, far beyond.

Many villages in Britain struggle to maintain their businesses. In Grayshott the local people very much support buying in the village and this results in a flourishing business community.

BIG sponsors activities including the hanging basket display in summer, the installation and maintenance of Christmas Lights, the Best Dressed Shop competition, Charity Golf Days, Carols in the Square and the internationally renowned Grayshott Concerts.

Recently BIG produced an innovative welcome pack for new-comers to the area. This provides a mass of offers from local businesses and is available through the estate agents in the village. It includes a copy of the BIG Directory, which is a comprehensive guide to goods and services available in Grayshott.

BIG also supports events put on by the enthusiastic local people. It works closely with the Parish Council in its work of helping the village and protecting the interests of its residents. The Parish Council, in turn, is ably backed up by our local county council representative.

BIG supports this web-site which was designed to keep people informed of current issues and local events. BIG supports many groups, including “Party in Grayshott”, “Emergency Group Grayshott”, “Rezurgence Group”, “Arthritis Care Group”, “Grayshott Care” and our local church, St Luke’s. These and many others do fantastic work for the village and help make it what it is.

Another success show for BIG is its sponsorship of Grayshott Cricket Club. Over 200 people are involved, with children as young as six playing. The club gives local children (and adults) a good sporting outlet away from the streets. It enjoys incredible success, due no doubt, to the training and enthusiasm freely given by so many.

Our businesses are mindful of the future and times are not easy. The new A3 tunnel is now open at the expense of losing our 300 year old road. Hindhead, our neighbour to the north, is to be regenerated. A famous local listed building, “Undershaw”, the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is under threat. How will all this affect our village? Who can tell? What we do know is that when times were tough previously the village survived and thrived. With the willingness of local people to support their local businesses, our combined strength will allow us to do the same.

Adapted from Dick Smith’s Foreword to the 2011 BIG Directory. Dick was the Chairman of “BIG” for 10 years until the end of 2011, when he handed the reins over into the capable hands of Adrian Banwell.

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