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Monday 24th October and Tuesday 25th October Beaven Contractors will be working on the area immediately in front of the patients’ entrance to the surgery car park.  Therefore access to the surgery will be from Headley Road with limited parking. Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th there will be no access to the bridleway […]


As many of you will already know Beaven Contractors are currently putting the curbing in along both sides of the bridleway. However, this notice is to give you forward warning that they are hoping to rip up all the old tarmac etc sometime around the middle of next week. As soon as I know a […]

Fixing Boundary Road Update

As most people are well aware, the state of Boundary Road, as the access point to our Doctors’ Surgery, is a disgrace.  When patients on mobility scooters, and mothers with prams have to run the gauntlet of potholes and puddles; when emergency vehicles have problems, and when patients cannot walk to see their doctor in […]

Fixing Boundary Road

A presenter from South Today is coming to Boundary Road tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd) morning around 9 – 9.30 to report on the condition of the bridleway and progress with crowdfunding and the proposed work to resurface the section up to the doctors surgery.  If anyone would like to come and make a contribution you are […]

We are Almost There…..but not quite

PLEDGE A PONY!   After all it is a Bridleway! Have you looked at the Crowdfunder Site yet      There are only 17 more days to go. We need pledges of £5,000 or more or we get nothing.  But we also need a lot more than £5,000. We have had fantastic responses from friends and relatives from Notting Hill, […]

Hedge in Boundary Road

Cornerway Lodge have arranged for their hedge to be cut back to their boundary this Saturday, 11th June.  The contractors may have to return on Monday 13th to finish off.  It would be sensible to avoid the north end of Boundary Road if at all possible during these times primarily for safety but also if […]

Boundary Road Residents’ Association Update

Great News! Thanks to Ferris Cowper and all his support and guidance our application for a £25,000 grant towards the repair of Boundary Road was agreed at East Hants DC Cabinet Meeting last Thursday. This is in addition to the £10,000 he has secured from the County Council Rural Projects’ Fund. Additionally we have promises […]