Groups Help

There are over 400 groups on representing our many local businesses and organisations…

About Groups

  • Members can create a group and maintain this for free
  • Members can join groups to post updates and elect to receive automatic notification by email when the group is updated
  • Groups have a home page displaying the group name, description (which can include contact details and a link to your own website), and a logo or image
  • Group admins can create extra pages to display further information
  • Groups representing local businesses or organisations will be linked to our Directory pages
  • Groups can also offer various facilities including the ability of the group admins, moderators or members to post updates, events, forums, photos, links, documents, etc
  • Groups can be used by committees, informal activities, groups of friends or just for fun and can be made public, private or hidden
  • Public Groups are listed in the groups directory and in search results and Group content, activity and events will be visible to all – any member can join – this is the best choice for most groups.
  • Private Groups are listed in the groups directory and in search results but Group content, activity and events will only be visible to members of the group – only members who request membership and are accepted can join.
  • Hidden Groups are not listed in the groups directory or search results and Group content, activity and events will only be visible to members of the group – only members who are invited can join.

Additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available to those businesses or organisations who want to raise their profile with an enhanced listing in the Directory


Q. Should I create a group for my business or organisation?
A. Yes if you want to but please check first that yours hasn’t already been set up

Q. How do I find a particular group?
A. You can view a list of groups and use the ‘order by’ filter box to list alphabetically, by date created, activity, or popularity or search the list
A. Use the search box at the very top right of the website banner to search for a key word
A. View the Directory listings
A. Use the groups tag cloud to find groups with common tags e.g. restaurant

Q. Can I enter a link to my group in the Directory or businesses and organisations?
A. This will be done for you soon after you create your group

Q. Why should I join groups?
A. As a group member you can post group updates and the group forum topics and if enabled by the group admin you can also post documents and events
A. As a group member you can elect to receive notification emails for any posts
A. As a member of a business group you will receive notification emails of their latest offers
A. Just to show your support!

Q. Can I leave a group?
A. Yes it is a simple one button click to leave and join any group

Q. Why am I automatically made a member of some groups and not others?
A. All members are automatically joined to the grayshott forumnotices and classified groups to ensure these group can work effectively by notifying you by email when someone posts – by default you will receive a daily digest but you can change your email settings for each group to be notified of each post or as a weekly digest or no email and rely on visiting the website.  You can also choose to leave any of these groups.

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