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Posting Text only

  • Type your text directly into the What’s new? update box


  • Copy and paste text from a document, email or website
  • Select area to be copied with mouse
  • Press Ctrl + C on your keyboard or right click mouse on selected area and select copy
  • Put cursor into the What’s new? update box and press Ctrl + Shift on your keyboard to paste text or right click in update box and select paste

Add Photos to Text

  • This works for one or up to ten photos depending on your browser.
  • Click the Add Photos tool above the update box.
  • Drag and drop the file(s) from your PC or device to the pop up
  • or Select the photo file(s) from your PC or device
  • or Use your phone or tablet camera to take a photo and save
  • Wait until the thumbnail(s) appears below the update box
  • Add your text in the update box before clicking Post Update.

Posting Documents

  • Go to the documents tab under the group description
  • Select the document from your files to upload
  • Add an optional description in the text box
  • Upload

Replying to a post

  • You can send the poster a private message
  • You can post a reply to their post publicly using the comment button

When your post has expired or to prevent further responses please add a comment to let others know.

Email Notifications

All members of are automatically made members of this classified group and will receive a daily digest by email of any information posted on this group.

You may alter your email notification settings for this group to receive notification as each post is made, as a weekly digest, or no email by changing your email status shown just below the group details.