Grayshott Parish Council

Grayshott Parish Council was established in 1902 and looks after the interests of the businesses and population (approx 2,500) of Grayshott.

Role of the Parish council is to represent the entire civil parish without political bias or prejudice, to look after its assets and to foster community spirit. We are empowered to charge a local rate or precept in order to administer our affairs. This precept is collected on our behalf by East Hampshire District Council and paid to us half-yearly in April and October.

Councillors we have 10 councillors who, at the Annual Meeting in May, elect from their number a chairman and a vice-chairman. Committees and representatives to outside bodies are appointed at the same meeting. We employ a clerk and an assistant clerk both of whom work on a part-time basis.

Assets owned by the Parish Council include The Square, Lyndon Green, the War Memorial and garden, Village Green, Stoney Bottom Allotments, Sport Field and pavilion, skate park and storage garages, 3 tennis courts (please book at Grayshott Social Club), Beech Allotments, and the associated grazing land. The Council is also Custodian Trustee of the Village Hall. View Lands Owned by Grayshott Parish Council

Office The Parish Council Office is at Grayshott Village Hall and is open Tuesday & Thursday 10 am to 12 noon at which time applications for planning consent can be viewed.

Meetings – view a list of forthcoming committee meetings

Full Council – meetings are held monthly at 7.30pm on the 3rd Monday in the Council Office  AgendasMinutes

Planning & Conservation – meetings are held monthly at 7.30pm on the 1st Thursday in the Council Office AgendasMinutes

Policy & Resorces – meetings are held quarterly and will be on the 2nd Monday of May, and then 1st Mondays of August, November and February in the Council Office AgendasMinutes

Annual Parish Assembly – in the Village Hall in March / April each year.    All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise directed.

Notices Parish Council notices are posted on the notice boards at the side of Warren Powell-Richards at The Square, at the Fox and Pelican and outside the main entrance to The Village Hall as well as on

Information available from Grayshott Parish Council under the Model Publication Scheme – updated Sep 2008

Leaflets Various leaflets are held in the Parish Office regarding transport & travel in the local area.

Allotments Enquiries should be made to Katie Weir Tel: 01428 606510 Email

Grayshott Village Design Statement – published in 2005

Parish Council Greening Policy – published in 2008

Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer Laura Musco Tel: 01428 606510 Email

Assistant Parish Council Clerk Katie Weir Tel: 01428 606510 Email

Parish Council Office Tel 01428 606510 Email: Address: Council Office, Grayshott Village Hall, Headley Road, Grayshott, GU26 6TZ

Correspondence Grayshott Parish Council does not enter into any correspondence via forums.   If any member of the community wishes to discuss a particular matter it must be done through the official channels.

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