Grayshott Parish Council

Chairman of the Parish Council and Vice Chairman of Policy & Resources
Cllr John Frankcom                         
Tel: 01428 714161
The last four years have been spent “learning the ropes” at the Parish Council and being involved in many different projects, big and small.  In part I have been able to use my working life skills but meeting new people and aspects of community life not seen before have provided interesting new learning.  I have sought a second term in order to try and build on the knowledge and experience gained and offer more to the community

There are many more things to do in the way of improving existing facilities and maintaining the high standards we already set ourselves in partnership with others.  I want to play my part now as the Parish Council Chairman to ensure that we work together effectively with all other groups and key individuals for benefit of the whole community.  I look forward to those relationships being both successful and productive across all the issues and challenges ahead of us.                                 

Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and Chairman of Policy & Resources
Cllr Steve Georgii    

Tel: 01428 606922

I was born in Aberdeen moving to the outskirts  of Worcester when young.   In 2001, after a short time in Slough, my wife, Barbie McSean, and I moved to Grayshott.    Within a year of our arrival, we became involved with Grayshott Village Hall.  I upgraded and continue to maintain/improve the audio/visual facilities.    Barbie became a member of the Executive Committee and is Treasurer.   I became a Parish councillor in 2007 and am now Vice Chair of the Planning and Conservation Committee.

The first 7 years of my working life were spent touring the world with acts as diverse as U2 and the Welsh National Opera, as a sound engineer   Growing tired of hotels and dark auditoriums, I changed occupations having trained as a technical author.  I spent the next 12 years as an RAF civilian contractor working on Phantom, Harrier and Tornado aircraft.   I was also involved in Richard Noble’s Thrust SSC project, which broke the sound barrier on land and set a land speed record of 763mph.  It was during this period that Barbie and I met.

After a brief spell when we were both involved in designing an executive aircraft, I joined a company that manufactures instrumentation for measuring the quality and contamination levels in fuels and oils.  Currently I manage their technical publication department and a division that specialises in the development of particle measurement instruments.

Having spent my formative years in semi rural surroundings (and having suffered Slough), I appreciate the importance of maintaining a ‘village’ type of environment whilst ensuring that there is a local economic vibrancy.

Sally Campbell ClauseVice Chairman, Planning & Conservation Committee

Cllr Mrs Sally Campbell-Clause

Tel: 01428 609750

I have lived in Grayshott for almost 30 years, having moved from the outskirts of London to give my children a freer atmosphere in which to grow up. They have now moved on but John, my husband, who is an architect in the village, and I continue to enjoy living in Grayshott. I retired from being a solicitor a few years ago and hope that I can bring to the Parish Council the experience and abilities I gained from dealing with the law, in particular health and safety issues which affect all of us one way or another. We have seen a lot of changes to Grayshott over the years, some good and some not so welcome. We are now seeing greater challenges, in particular more housing development and increase of traffic, issues which are affecting all the south east, and, in a small way by working for the Parish Council I hope to make some contribution to the future of Grayshott.

Andy Hedger pic

Cllr Andy Hedger

Tel: 01428 606133


I have been a resident of Grayshott since 1995 and I feel it is time to put something back into the village that I know as home. I was born in Guildford and have lived there, in Witley and Alresford as well, so like to think I have reasonably good local knowledge.

I believe that Grayshott has a great deal to offer to its residents and to visitors alike, and wish to promote these attributes wherever possible. Being a parish councillor will enable me to work on aspects that should enhance that aim.

I am an amateur gardener, have an armchair interest in motorsports, and I may also be seen at the Monthly Grayshott Market as a Red Hat.

I am qualified as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, currently working in London, doing the “commute” but I have also worked in the USA, Kuwait, Pakistan and Croatia.

Jon Jackson pic2Chairman, Planning & Conservation Committee

Cllr Jon Jackson               

Tel: 01428 607105

I was born and brought up in Goudhurst, Kent and attended Cranbrook School prior to commencing a career in construction as a Quantity Surveyor and subsequently, Project Manager specialising in project controls. Initially I undertook local construction in the Home Counties but most of my career has been focused on Oil and Gas projects and Defence.

My youth, apart from schooling, was taken up with working on local hop farms and with Scouting; Cubs and Scouts before starting Cantium Venture Scouts as Leader. In 1980 I went overseas with my work and became Group Scout Leader 1st Oslo St Georges.

My wife Cheryl and I moved to Grayshott in 2011 and have found it to be the most positive community we have had the pleasure to be part of……………… now it’s time to contribute.

Cheryl has joined several local societies and associations and I will do my best to serve the community as a member of your Parish Council. I have experience of managing complex programmes and projects which I hope will stand me in good stead for the task. My view is that communication is “key”, so if you have a relevant and constructive point to make, talk to me!

Cllr Chris Jones 

Tel: 01428 604449

Having served for 7 years with the Union-Castle Line as a Navigating Officer, in 1962 I moved  into a Retailing Career, first as a trainee Area Manager in Supermarkets and Multiple Shops then helping to start Top Shop in 1964 as Merchandise Controller and then Director.   I moved on to Richard Shops, a ladies fashion chain as Deputy Managing Director and later became UK Managing Director of the luxury Shoe and Accessories retailer Bally of Switzerland.  After making Bally profitable, in the 80′s I performed a 4 year turnaround at Lillywhites – the Retail and Olympic Sports Equipment Manufacturing business before gaining further worldwide experience by joining the American Sea Containers Group to develop their Venice Simplon Orient-Express international shops and mail order operations.

In the ’90′s I joined the family Management Consultancy and worked for retailers in the UK, USA, Canada, EEC and Japan before joining a local departmental store as a “retirement” occupation in 2001.

I moved to Grayshott in 2001, with my wife Jane, and since 2003 have served as a Parish Councillor.

Richard LyonCllr Richard Lyon                                                   Tel 01428 605154 Email:    

Originating from the West Midlands, I have worked in Banking, Finance and Technology industries in various parts of the UK and abroad. My wife Penny and I settled in Grayshott in early 2008 and enjoy life here, the diversity of facilities, the community and the wonderful countryside around the village.

Having recently retired from large corporate life, I currently help guide several small businesses through the commercial challenges faced by business today. I also enjoy being a volunteer driver for Grayshott Community Care and encourage all those in the village that need a little help from time to time with transport to hospital or other appointments to make use of this excellent local service.

As a recently co-opted Parish Councillor, I am keen to ensure that Grayshott is a village which has the facilities and services which satisfy the needs of all that live here. As our community evolves, I believe it is important that change occurs in a sensitive and considered manner and, importantly, that we seek to preserve and enhance wherever possible the quality of services and life for all Grayshott residents.


Lead of Recreation and Amenities
Cllr Mrs Ann Myers

Tel: 01428 604665

I have been a Parish Councillor for 15 years, co-opted onto the Council in 2001 and have served on the Planning and Conservation Committee and the Recreation and Amenities Committee.

I have lived in Grayshott for most of my life and worked in the heart of the village at the Pharmacy for 42 years. During this time I was one of the founder members for the original Buy in Grayshott (BIG) campaign and in this capacity I have organised several community events including the Christmas markets and Pancake races.

I have enjoyed the privilege of representing the community on the Parish Council and hope to continue in the future.

David ZackCllr David Zack

Tel: 01428 608198

I am originally from the USA and have spent much of my life in Texas. I am proud to be a dual citizen of both the UK and USA. My family and I moved to Grayshott in 2007. We have also lived in Scotland and Switzerland.

I work in technology and have experience at both Fortune 100 companies as well as start-ups, with extensive background in software, mobile devices and business operations.  I currently work at Oxford University Press where I manage technology for Academic Dictionaries.

Pam and I have been married since 1994 and have two teenage boys that attend Woolmer Hill. I enjoy volunteering with various local sports teams and still enjoy participating in sports whenever possible.  My family and I are proud to be part of the Grayshott community and enjoy life in the village – it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Laura Musco

Tel: 01428 606510


Parish Council Assistant Clerk

Katie Weir

Tel: 01428 606510