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This page provides help for users and answers some frequently asked questions on how to register and if you require to set up a group page for your business or organisation.

If after reading this you still need help or further information please email or call 07855519644

OUR COMMUNITY enables members of our online community to add and edit their own content.

Members can also make friendship connections, follow and message other members,  join and create groups for businesses and organisations, post news, events, photos, video, music, links, documents and the forum and much more.

Our Grayshott online community has 1,450+ members and is growing fast


If you would like to see what the advantages are of joining our community please also see Join Our Community page

To join you need to complete our online Registration Form

If you need help in completing the form please see Registration Form Help


Once you have submitted the registration form you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.

If you don’t receive your account activation email please see Registration Form Help for advice.

Once activated you can log in to using the log in button on the header entering your username and password.

Once logged in you will see a greeting, your name and avatar appear on the top of the right hand admin menu bar.


If you get this message “This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required” try clearing your cache.


When you first visit the website you will be warned that this website uses cookies.  When you login you can tick the remember me box to allow your PC to log you in automatically at the next and subsequent visits – this feature uses cookies that are stored on your PC to remember you, so your internet browser needs to have cookies enabled for this to work.


Click Lost your password? and enter your username or e-mail address. You will receive an email to verify your new password and a reminder of your username.  Please note your username cannot be changed.

Login with the new emailed password – best to copy and paste this from your email – and go to Settings/General from the very top right menu to enter your chosen new memorable password.


When you log in you are taken to your home page with several menu options on the left.  A profile menu also appears at the top right menu which gives shortcuts to all the tabs available.

  • Wall here you can view all your activity and that of your friends, groups, likes or mentions).
  • Profile
    • View – view your profile
    • Edit – edit your profile
    • Change Profile Photo – you can add or edit your profile photo which appears on your page and as an icon on your posts etc

Q. Do I need to add contact details?
A. This is up to you but it may be helpful to others to do so.  Please be aware that profile details are visible to all visitors unless you select otherwise.

Q. What info should I put in ‘About Me’?
A. Please add a little bit about yourself that others viewing your profile may find helpful

Q. What picture should I use for an profile photo?
A. I recommend you use a ‘passport style’ head and shoulders photo of you to help others easily identify you but your choice of avatar is up to you

If you get stuck email your image to and we can upload your avatar for you.

  • Notifications – lists notifications of friend and group invitations
  • Messages – lists messages you have sent or received, any website notifications and allows you to compose a message
  • Friends – lists your friends and friendship requests.
  • Groups – lists your groups and group invites.
  • Forums – lists you topics and replies (favorite topics is inactive)
  • News Posts – link to view your news posts and add a new one
  • Photos – link to view or add photos, videos, albums
  • Settings – You can change your account email or password and email notification settings for site activity, messages, friends, groups or the forum.


Groups are the way enables members to promote their businesses and organisations for free.

Additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available to those businesses or organisations who want to raise their profile with an enhanced listing in the Directories.

Groups can also be created for informal activities, groups of friends and just for fun.

Members can create and maintain a group page which displays a title of their business or organisation, a description which can include contact details and a link to their own website, and avatar (logo or photo).

Members of the website can join groups to receive automatic notification by email when the group is updated.

Groups can also offer various facilities including the ability of the group admin and or group members to post updates, events, photos, links, documents, etc

Q. Should I create a group for my business or organisation?
A. Yes but please check first that yours hasn’t already been set up

Q. Can I enter a link to my group in the business Directory?
A. This will be done for you soon after you create your group

Q. How do I find a particular group?
A. You can view a list of groups and use the ‘order by’ filter box to list alphabetically, by date created, activity, or popularity
A. Use the search box at the very top right to search for a key word
A. View the Directory listings
A. Use the groups tag cloud to find groups with common tags e.g. restaurant

Q. Why should I join groups?
A. As a group member you can post group updates and the group forum topics and if enabled by the group admin you can also post documents and events
A. As a group member you can elect to receive notification emails for any posts
A. As a member of a business group you will receive notification emails of their latest offers
A. Just to show your support!

Q. Can I leave a group?
A. Yes it is a simple one button click to leave and join any group

Q. Why am I automatically made a member of some groups and not others?
A. All members are automatically joined to the grayshott forum, notices and classified groups to ensure these group can work effectively by notifying you by email when someone posts – by default you will receive a daily digest but you can change your email settings for each group to be notified of each post or as a weekly digest or no email and rely on visiting the website.  You can also choose to leave any of these groups.



Q. How do I enter the text
A. Type  your text in the text box

Q. Can I copy and paste when posting?
A. Yes – this is a quick way to add rich text – if you copy from a webpage the layout, links and photos will be be replicated up to a point.

Q. When I copy in text the line formatting is lost truncating each line short of the full text display width
A. Paste text in as plain text Ctrl + Shift + V or right click mouse and select Paste as plain text


Q. How do I post a photo?
A. Click the Add Photos icon above the update box .  Select the photo file(s) from your PC and click upload. Wait until all the thumbnails appear and add text before posting.  Be patient it may take a while.


Q. Can I post photos with text in the same update?
A. Yes you can!


Copy and paste the url of your Facebook page, group, event, post into the update box and it will embed the content from Facebook


Q. What are email notifications?
A. When a member joins they will receive a small number of welcoming automated emails explaining how the website works.  By default new members also receive a daily digest email of activity on the grayshott forumnotices and classified groups to help these groups work effectively.  Members can also elect to receive email notifications from other groups they join when someone posts them.  There are other notifications such as friendship requests, messages, invitations to groups etc.

Q. How do I change my email notification settings for each group?
A. There is a ‘change’ link under the description on each group homepage next to your email status to choose your email notification settings for that group.  You can choose to be notified of each post or new topic or as a daily or weekly digest or no email and rely on visiting the website.
A.  View a list of My Groups in the Group directory and you can quickly set your email notification settings for each group on your list.

Q. How do I change my email notification settings globally for the whole website?
A. Login and go to Settings/Email from the very top right menu to select which activities you want to be notified of.  You will see this screen and an option below to switch off email on all your groups with one click.


Login and go to Settings from the very top right menu to enter your new email address.  You will then receive a verification email.


For security reasons members cannot delete their own accounts.

If you would like yours deleted please email with a request to do.


Please email or call 07855519644