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    A Full Diagnostic Report will help parents, the dyslexic person, teachers etc, to understand and offer the appropriate support, strategies and interventions that are needed to help the dyslexic person succeed.

    The Full Diagnostic Report enables parents to make sure that the destination key stage or institution is properly prepared to recognise and meet the child’s additional or special educational needs. It will also make recommendations for access arrangements at Key Stage 3 and 4. It can help teachers and parents to understand the progress and achievement and what is appropriate to expect for the individual child.

    Having a private assessment report ensures that your child is assessed quickly which means that they will get the specialist help, teaching and support they require sooner. It often comes as a huge relief to both parents and child when they find out that they are dyslexic, which then means that they can begin to understand how they learn best. The journey begins with the step of having a diagnostic report.

    The assessment process will start with gathering background information from the child, their parents and the school, this is done through the use of a questionnaire.
    • The assessment will begin with an informal chat with the child to put them at ease.
    • A series of tests will be carried out. These are designed to measure performance across a range of activities.
    • The Educational Assessment will include:-
    o A review of educational and family history
    o A comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities, literacy skills and underlying ability.
    o A detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses
    o Recommendations for coping strategies
    o General recommendations for further assessment, help and support.
    • The report will be written in a clear, jargon-free style so that it can be easily understood.