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The notes below should help you to complete the Registration Form to enable you to Join Our Community

Account Details

Username (required)

  • Your username will mainly be used to log in – it must be one word all lower case and no spaces – once chosen it cannot be changed so choose something you can live with – and bear in mind it will be visible to all!
  • As with Twitter @yourusername can also be used by others to notify you when they post something they want you to see on this website.

Email Address (required)

  • An email address is required to activate your account and for the website to send you email notifications but will only be visible to website administrators.
  • You can register with a personal email address or business email address or register twice to create separate personal and business profiles.

Choose a Password (required)

  • Your Password will be used to login in – choose something memorable – it needs to be one word of letters and/or numbers i.e. nospaces

Confirm Password (required)

  • Retype your chosen password

Profile Details

Members Full Name (required)

  • It is recommended that you use your own full name as your ‘Members Name’ i.e ‘Firstname Surname’ so that others can easily identify you and you can fully interact with other members and groups.
  • Please don’t use just a first name or nickname as this can be confusing and defeats the purpose of this website which is to aid communication between members of our online community
  • If you are registering under your business email address and haven’t already registered under you personal email address please use your own full name as your ‘Members Name’ i.e ‘Firstname Surname’ so that others can easily identify you and you can fully interact with other members and groups
  • If you have already registered using your Full Name and/or are registering under your business email address and intend to use your profile to solely represent your business or organisation i.e. not in a personal capacity, you may prefer to use your business or organisation name as your ‘Members Name’ instead.  If you do you will still be able to use the same name to create a group page for your business or organisation later
  • You can easily edit your Members Name, email address and password once you have registered by going to your Profile, but your username cannot be changed
  • The website administrator may amend your displayed name to be in keeping with this advice.

Location (required)

  • Choose the town or village from the drop down box where you live or work whichever is closest to Grayshott – which is set as the default location – or select Other.

Interests (optional)

  • What are your interests in Grayshott? – This may be of interest to others and also helps the website admin to establish genuine applications from spammers and spambots
  • Once registered you can add more information and your contact details to your profile if you want

Security Question

  • This is also designed to eliminate spammers – if you don’t know the answer or get it wrong you won’t be able to submit the form so email for help.  In your email please say who you are and why you want to register.

Complete Sign Up (button)

  • After you have filled in all the boxes click the Complete Sign Up button. You should then see a new screen with a note that advises you that you will now receive an activation email with a link to follow. You are also offered the option to upload an avatar which you can skip at this stage and do later if you prefer

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