Submit News

Group Admins can submit text based news items with an attached featured image in the news section of their group page.  The group has first to be connected to a news category in the manage group/news.  If there isn’t an appropriate news category use News.

Members can submit a draft news item to the website admin using the Add Post link on the top menu. Authors (members who have been given Author status by the admin) can also publish these.

If you prefer you can submit a news item with photo or image for publishing on the main news blog by email to

Type or copy and paste the news text into the email and /or attach a word doc or similar

You can suggest a headline for your news item if you wish

Your submissions will be subject to editorial control although we will try to publish as is.

Please also attach at least one photograph or image for inclusion – please send the original as this will be formatted and optimised for the website.

Please, if you haven’t already done so, register on the website so that your article can be attributed to you.

Once your news item has been posted you will also receive notification so you can check you are happy with the result

If you would like to submit and edit your news items online this can also be arranged please send a request by email and you will be given authorship status and further instructions.

If you have any problems or queries email