Thanks for all your positive comments – please email yours to admin@grayshott.com

02/04/2015 Grayshott Forum is fantastic and I enjoy reading all the posts

27/03/2015 I just have to say that the work you have put into Grayshott.com in its current manifestation is excellent. Attractive design and easy to get around. I especially like the home page.

07/03/2015 What can I say, other than “THANK YOU”?  Reading all the comments coming in, it seems lots of people appreciate what you do and it is for the benefit of us all, so a big “up” to you.

22/01/2015 No problem and really finding the site very useful.  Thanks for all your efforts.

16/01/2015 I have found grayshott.com very useful, particularly relating to the issue of broadband, which we have now ordered.  Also thoroughly enjoyed the carol signing which we found out about via the forum. Keep up the good work.

14/01/2015 Find it all very interesting, hearing about other people in Grayshott and what they are getting up to etc.

25/11/2014 I’m very impressed at the website and all the efforts you must have put in to create and to maintain it. It is indeed a wonderful resource for all of Grayshott, where we have been happily installed for just over a year now. Thank you for all your work, which is a great benefit to us.

12/11/2014 Thanks for all you do looking after this wonderful village asset!

26/10/2014 I am finding it very useful, thank you.

10/10/2014 A very good emission. Well done.

05/10/2014 I’m enjoying the regular Grayshot news – thank you.  Hope to be moving to the village soon!

10/09/2014 We are loving the Grayshott website.   We are in the process of purchasing a home in the village (fingers crossed) and really enjoying finding out more about life there.  You seem to work tirelessly to make this work – so thank you!

01/08/2014 …brilliant effort, love the web site – where do you find the time?

10/07/2014 I really enjoy the local news and forums but haven’t had much to say.  It’s a great website, thank you.

04/07/2014 Thank you Mr Hatch, I am loving living in this village!

01/07/2014 It’s a terrific site , wish Liphook’s was this evolved!

19/05/2014 First of all thank you very much for kindly keeping us on the site and keeping us so well informed about Grayshott. All is now well and I am grateful to receive news of Grayshott which still has the best coffee shop in the UK !

23/04/2014 Really useful friendly local forum

08/03/2014 I receive the e mail just about everyday, and I enjoy reading it, keep up the good work – very informative!

22/01/2014 Thank you for all the wonderful work you put in to make this website such a wonderful resource for all of us locals

22/01/2014 Thanks for all your messages – it is good having grayshott.com on my email, means I can keep up to date with all the ‘goings-on’ in Grayshott.  The site is excellent, thanks for all the hard work and long hours that you do for us all.

08/11/2013 I have only had my computer for less than a year & remain a complete novice but just love your “ what’s On “ & everything Grayshott  . This is to say a big thank you for all the work you do to keep us informed—-much appreciated .

19/04/2013 Thank you for your missives keeping me up to date

26/03/2013 Yes it is all very interesting thank you. We are hoping to move to Grayshott soon so it is good to know there is so much going on.

05/02/2013 It’s a great website Pete – really well done.

06/01/2013 Happy New Year Pete. Your Newsletter makes such good reading. Pls. keep it going if you can.

21/12/2012 Happy Christmas Pete and thank you for all your hard work and great newsletters throughout the year. They are an absolute joy to read and make me smile every time and now that we are not in the village it keeps us up to date with what’s going on.

21/12/2012 Pete, my personal thanks for all you have achieved this year with the site, congratulations

21/12/2012 Just want to say what a fantastic job you do informing us all of events

07/12/2012 I think you are doing a splendid job and it’s great that Grayshott has this community email – will put my thinking cap on for any new ideas, but it’s pretty fab as it is!

30/11/2012 I always enjoy your newsletter, but this has to be one of your best.  Brilliant.  Keep it up, you are really appreciated.

19/10/2012 Great fun………….and always informative/useful. Pls. keep it up if you are able. There are a lot of us who look forward to our weekly fix of G’shott happenings thro’ the pen of Brother Hatch each Fridee! Your grateful reader,

11/10/2012 …remain very impressed with the web site. It puts haslemere.com in the shade

09/10/2012 Many thanks for your email, I am enjoying all the information available on Grayshott.com It makes me feel part of the community.

06/10/2012 I just wanted to say that I am full of admiration with your sterling work and efforts with the website. If I was a newcomer to the village, not only would I be excited about living here, but also feel there was so much on offer. Thank you so much for the ambassador work

Thanks for all your positive comments – please email yours to admin@grayshott.com